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Headed in a new direction

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Course correction, when you’ve fallen off your trajectory or path and need to get back on the right path.

I allowed my guard to fall down, let fear cripple in. Told myself I couldn’t and so I didn’t. Didn’t try, didn't get up, didn’t take action, and didn’t have faith. What am I talking about? I am talking about last week. I set great intentions for myself and fell short. At the end of the day it's excuses so i’ll spare you the reasons why.

I am not writing to highlight the failures of my past actions, but to signal the future that a change is coming. A simple course correction, “If you aim at nothing you will surely hit it...” I’ve been aiming at nothing followed by a wallowing of self pity pondering why I don’t feel closer to my goals. I couldn’t even point out my goals or what I was even aiming for when I looked back at my past week to see where I’d gone wrong.

We all have different natural born gifts. I don’t want to hear or think about anyone complaining about how that doesn't apply to them. It’s true we all have natural given talents. They may not be what we want. Yet they can help us reach our goals. The whole point here is that am confessing. I've not been looking at my talents and honoring them. Nor using them for any good or advancement. I've been squandering and I am changing that, starting today.

My course correction is using the remaining 384 hours that I have left in this month to my advantage. To allow myself to do my best to end at a better place. I say and am seeing, it is not about where you started but how you will finish.

I will finish strong, with my best efforts, with a head held high, by faith, and with hard work. Hoping for the best but expecting the worst. There’s nowhere left to go, nothing left to do, I have lived the other lives that have been available to me. None fit true to me and so I stepped out, in faith believing that I too can live and have a life that fits true to me. But I can’t quit at the beginning and cry about the struggle. Luxuries aren’t added into the fine print of this life, they're worked for and earned.

Work hard, play hard, be courageous, have faith. Let go of fear, for it’s bought you nothing. Try something new and keep marching on. There’s no guarantees or promises but I’ve overcome many obstacles and struggles in every area of my life. What remained constant and improved any of my situations was me. Showing up, giving effort, embracing the struggle and moving forward with what I've got.

I’ve got this, you’ve got this. Lets press on.

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