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Welcome to my world, meet me.

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Hey, my name is Isaiah and I am glad you're reading this. If this is the only thing i’ll ever get to say to you I’d say this. Be a light & shine bright, wherever you are, whatever your doing, be your best today. Don’t worry about yesterday or tomorrow. Center yourself & be your best self today,

I know you can do it.

I was going through an identity crisis by the age of 1. Kind of early in life, to be dealing with something like that. I was doubting every ounce of myself. I am adopted, and in being so has changed the course of my life. I used to live uncommitted to anyone or anything, destitute.

It wasn’t until I looked up & realized the foundation I was standing on was mine. I was in charge to make it what I wanted. I decided that my future was & is up & brighter. That doesn’t mean my life shot to exactly where I envisioned, but it was a solid place to start, hope. I would stumble for many years come.

In my journey of being a creative who has adapted to this life. I’ve learned & still am learning to adapt my creativity to what makes my message true and easy to follow. My life is the ultimate testament that anything can made beautiful and whole again.

I’ve lived in a lot of places, doing anything but being my truest self. As a young black gay man in America, I’ve decided to take my efforts to the city of angels, Los Angeles, Ca. to spread a message of truth x creativity to live a life worth living that's honest and true and on display for all to see.

Will you join me on this Journey?

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